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Between the shores of hating urself and loving ur self is a vast ocean, and if u made that journey, contemplating that contrast will most likely bring a tear to ur eye, sad tears or happy tears, as the memories of the trials and epiphanies crash like tidal waves on either side. It’s interesting how quick some of us can find ourselves in a rut and think, how did I get here ? Wasn’t I just soaring? Wasn’t I just feeling so free and full of love ? Self love is similar to food, u have to feed it to urself everyday. The beams of the highest vibrations are blasting at us constantly, it’s up to us to allow them in, to hit pause on our day and remind ourselves who we really are, and FEEL the magnitude of love and healing we are capable of experiencing. I lose the light all the time. I’m constantly re learning what it means to love myself, and remind myself who I really am. My heart goes out to anyone out there that’s struggling and going thru the intense energetic warfare, wether it’s from the external world, or ur internal world or both…. Just know, on a spiritual level, I’m in the trenches with you, and just on the other side is that sunny beautiful white sand beach of inner peace and serenity, if we can hold space for love, for trust, for faith…I know we’ll meet each other there 🕉❤️☮️🙏🏼

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