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COSMIC SOUNDBATH - live from Okeechobee is uploaded to my new SoundCloud page!!

The Okeechobee soundbath was my second time performing this type of musical experience. It's something I'm very passionate about and I'm excited to continue to grow and create more musical experiences in this space. The soundbath is intended to be used in conjunction with meditation, relaxation, yoga, breathing, painting, drawing, or while you are falling asleep at night 💫💫💫 The "COSMIC SOUNDBATH" starts off on earth, with grounding frequencies and tones. As the journey progresses we ascend into the atmosphere, then towards the galactic center of the universe, and for then for some of you, into the unknown portions of reality, into the hidden corners of our minds and hearts.💫💫 The cosmic soundbath sets are put together from many other creators and producers work, including a few of my own bits, which I then weave into my own tapestry to create the journey, similar to a typical DJ set approach. It’s performed using ableton live, I then have a controller which controls panning, reverbs, delays, frequency shifts, white noise, and few other FX to modulate and enhance the frequencies and emotional tension. If you want to experience this live please hit up ur local festivals and promoters and let them know about it! U guys have ALL the power!!! Together we can create a massive healing of consciousness, connect with the divine, and radiate that energy out into the world. I want everyones light to shine as bright as possible. Thank you. I love you. 🕉🙏🏼💫🕉👽🚀💙 I also wanna send a special thank u Silent Savasana to for partnering up w me and helping make this event happen!!

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