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Found this journal entry from a few years ago...

Just a reminder...u can still be happy, successful, and fulfilled and NOT have to be the “best” at anything or “as good as ____” !! That’s the trap of comparing and despairing. It’s so easy and sadly natural to compare urself to others and think , I’m not as good as them, I’m not as gifted or talented, blah blah and maybe u aren’t, that’s not the point. ...the point is, that mindset kills ur vibe, and u gives away all ur power!! So just a reminder, don’t give ur power away!! Focus on what u can do to improve urself today.... There is space for you, there is abundance for those who manifest it by empowering themselves. Ur worth is un quantify-able b/c u are a unique reflection of consciousness. Allow others to blow ur mind with their greatness and abilities! be in awe of the talent and minds creating incredible work!! be grateful for greatness in all things!! as great as anyone is, doesn’t take away from ur potential. Trust the process ...don’t give ur power away

Pic by Matt Winkelmeyer

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