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Updated: Jun 29, 2022

THE EGREGORE (Part 1) is now available on all platforms!!

Part 1 is the first 20 minutes of a 60 piece of music I created to launch the LIGHTCODE project! I created this alias to exist inside the LSDREAM universe, as a dedicated space for my ambient and sound healing music. There is no new socials for this project, but it has its own Spotify/Apple/SoundCloud!!

I want to thank SSKWAN and my team for their support and commitment💙 I want to thank my bowl guru Alex Redford Young for his friendship and guidance. Thanks to Beryl McCandless for her light language glyphs ⚡️ And THANK YOU to all the light beings and dreamers out there!! Thank you for allowing me to hold this space, share this art with you so I may continue to fulfill my purpose as an activator of energy and high vibrations!! It’s our mission to bring as much light into this world as possible!! Let me know if u have received this message by commenting ✨ACTiVATeD✨

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Dabs nTeatime
Dabs nTeatime
Apr 22, 2021

I wants to buy it my guy. Love your music btw, any chance on a charlesthefirst collab?

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