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'POTIONS' w/ Liquid Stranger - OUT NOW!

Dear Martin (Liquid Stranger),

Thank you for embracing my project in the WAKAAN community. Thank you for allowing me to take part, and be a part of this incredible movement where I feel seen, appreciated, and loved. It’s really such a wonderful and RARE gift to have a label that’s so supportive and empowering, and beyond that, a community of artists that are equally as dope and kind. I also want to thank you for all your emotional support during the times I’ve called you imploding, second guessing myself, and feeling overwhelmed…. You really helped me reground, get out of my own head, and inspire me when I needed it most! “R U OK?!?!” LOL. Making “Potions” was a fucking blast, one of my favorite sessions ever, and I’m excited to continue creating art together, bringing joy into the world, raising the vibrations. THATS ENERGY IN MOTION!!!! One thing I’ve learned from you is how to be an absolute G, and have the utmost humility… Just be the G in lasagna, not the G in ego. Love u budddddddyyyy!!!


Photo by: Klick

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