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I’ve made many mistakes in my life, have battled my demons and for the longest time they owned me, I have been numb, I have felt hopeless, I have been prisoner to a kind of secret darkness that no one sees, that slowly manifests very bad decisions, and a lot of pain. It’s a hollow feeling that success, money, and validation can not fill. There have been times when I hurt those that I love, sabotaged friendships, opportunities, and I hurt myself the most in the process…. What changed tho!????? I decided to commit myself to a path of self love, and begin a healing process that I’m still on right now, it went WAY back into things from my childhood and the many years that followed , and I found myself discovering so many things, epiphanies, a deeper awareness, a birthing of self compassion, understanding & overstanding, meeting my higher self, unlocking my inner child, learning how to be vulnerable, and a desperate willingness to connect w 🕉spirit🕉 and with unconditional love. This awakening inspired me to start the LSDREAM project. This transformation had NOTHING to do with psychedelics or DMT or any substance period. (But I can make another post and share the origin story of the project name for anyone that’s curious) anyway …This was RAW straight up hard work, self reflection, mentors the universe sent to me, and lots and lots daily tools and practices. It took years.I want you to know I’m not an expert in anything, I’m not ascended or enlightened. I’m simply just inspired. When I traversed the abyss my vibration changed, my thoughts changed, my priorities, my purpose, my music, my relationships, my capacity for emotion … and how I express those things - is really all I’m doing here- simply expressing what’s inside. I’m walking the path of self love and inspiration and writing songs about it!!!! Also def still stumbling a lot too, and also sometimes stubbing my metaphorical toe super hard being like owwwwwww Fuuuck wtf…and then I’ll write some more songs

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