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ICYMI: Final LIGHTCODE Meditation Livestream - THANK YOU ✨

If you missed last nights livestream, it’s avail on my YouTube channel. It’s a 2 hour workshop designed to help u understand some basic energy work, why gratitude, self forgiveness, healing, prayer, affirmations, breathe work and meditation can move u from a place of feeling sad, angry, anxious, lost, stuck, depressed, into a space of feeling eager, excited about life, ready to face any challenge, powerful, in acceptance, self love, self respect, and feeling FREE!!

Last night was the final LIGHTCODE live stream, and I want to thank all my collaborators (Born I, Ashley Bennett, Beryl McCandless, Alex Redford Young, and Sarah) for their amazing energy contributions, and every single person who attended any of the streams, for sharing and contributing their wonderful energy! Im so so grateful for this community and all the lightwork that’s being done!! Im so proud of us!

Remember, in this lifetime, U R ENOUGH!

PS I’m shifting back in wubz mode! Get ready for new music and a new livestream rave cave set! Yeeeee

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