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OBLIVION music video drops tomorrow!

Oblivion is about the force of creation and the force of destruction, and the space in between - transformation. BUT - maybe there is no such thing as creation/destruction? Maybe it’s ALL - transformation 🤔🤯

I made this behind the scenes video to share a little of the video, but also to share a story about making some DIY art with your friends and how social media can bring about incredible new collaborators and new friends🙏🏼 This is major for me, because it’s the first music video I solo art directed (the vision), directed (ran the shoot, made sure I was getting the shots I needed), produced (booked everything, hired everyone), and finally... edited myself. I started teaching myself Premiere Pro a few weeks ago and this video was my crash course!

The message is: Don’t be afraid to try new things, learn new things, step up to the challenge. And ASK for help! We all gotta start somewhere! This behind the scenes video is also a special thanks to everyone involved, major love to all of you!

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