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I walked up to the threshold and saw you. The deafening silence echoed around us as we stood there, eyes locked. I remembered the dark times, nearly destroying each other in our endless vicious cycles. You hurt me so much, and I hated you for it. My heartbeat was now pounding into my chest with every thwunk, the old programming attempting to run its default settings: “System failure, full emotional shut down commencing, danger, feelings, abort” I stood my ground, I knew what I needed to say, and I knew that nothing would ever change unless I said it. Deep breath. There are no such things as “magic words,” but certain words, when spoken out loud, are magical. Words can transcend from being mere sounds, to an explosion of physical energy that lasts long after the words have been spoken. I exhaled, felt my feet supported by the earth, and said, “I forgive you, and I love you.” It was my own reflection standing before me, he flashed me a twisted smile and said “I am the madness within you, the darkness, the Shadow Self. To accept me, to embrace me, is to truly embrace the power of your own LIGHT. ☯️ We are both designer and destroyer in this strange existence, we can fight, or we can dance together to the song of creation.” My eyes teared up and my spine tingled when a current of electricity sent goosebumps down my arms. My shadow receded into the light, now Illuminating the space around me. The light engulfed me, washing away the pain, revealing the beauty and the power of the words hidden within my heart for so long...... “I forgive you and I love you” ✨🖤✨ sometimes you must enter the darkness to find the light, and when you find it, don’t ever let go. ✨🖤✨

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